Laser eyes

God IsĀ  Stirring the faith and desire of His saints to see the manifestations of prophecy. The creation is groaning, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. His intent is that we use our spiritual gifts that we may facilitate the reaping of this end time harvest.

It is key that we start by developing a Prophetic Mind-Set in order to embrace this current move of God. To begin this basic educational process, we need to be well versed on the lives of the Old Testament prophets. We must study and analyze how God used the major and minor prophets in their prophetic ministries. Get to know them as actual people used by God in their day and hour. Study their strengths and locate their weaknesses. Study the words that were spoken out of their mouths as prophetic decrees and declarations. Analyze their personalities and character. This is a large task but an important one for those who are looking to be used of God in this vein.

During this time of study and embracing the current move of God, ask the Holy Spirit to open up your understanding and show you the hidden nuggets of truth and enlighten your understanding. May the Holy Spirit of Truth illuminate your spirit and overshadow you with His power!

God’s Grace To You,


Dr. Ric & Kathy Steele