Pearls Before Swine

A major lesson a prophet or a prophetic people must learn is when, where and to whom to release a prophetic word. As God matures your spiritual gifting, your confidence and joy in Him will increase. Do not let the ensuing excitement that will surely arise within your spirit from clearly hearing from God cause you to get into trouble by your ‘Casting Your Pearls Before Swine’.  The Bible tells us:

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” – Mat 7:6

Swine! What do you mean? Well, anyone who lacks the spiritual maturity to perceive, understand and respect the heavenly manna that God has released through prophetic presbytery on their behalf and does not possess the spiritual capacity to appreciate what is being said and could potentially be considered as ‘swine’. Why?

Simply put, if they will not value the precious pearls that God has given them and they disregard or are unappreciative of them, they run the danger of falling into this category. Because of their refusal to accept God’s word sent through God’s messengers, they are considered swine in this spiritual concept. It does not mean that they are not God’s precious children, but in learning discernment, we must understand the unfortunate concept that some people will disregard or disrespect the prophesied word just like the Pharisees and Sadducees disrespected Jesus. The revelation that God can give through the prophesied word may be life changing to those who will receive it. To others, it may have little or no impact in their lives because they see little or no value in it.

Those who cannot or will not receive the prophesied word often times have their spiritual vision clouded by fear, doubt and unbelief. They do not have the spiritual teeth to chew and digest a true prophetic word fitly spoken. Many times, we have seen the ‘True Word’ of the Lord come forth only to see people casually cast it aside and abuse God’s messengers.

Subsequently, the prophesied word seeps out of their mouths and falls to the ground and is trampled underfoot. An undisciplined mouth on their part, full of fear, doubt and unbelief will destroy the grace that was imparted to their lives. Although they may still be hungry for digestible spiritual food, they often turn back and rend the one prophesying. This happens unfortunately, when the person prophesying lacked the discernment to feed them the level of truth that they could handle. Taking the time to discern the person’s spirit before giving them a prophetic word in a format that they can handle is the same principle as an unwise parent feeding a baby a T-Bone steak.  The parent is supposed to be wise enough to know that the baby is incapable of eating it. An improper diet given to an immature person will cause them to become unbalanced and disgruntled. As a result, they will in no uncertain terms, let their displeasure be widely known through subsequent behaviors and actions! The ‘rending’ often comes in the form of anger, backbiting and/or mockery.

We would do well not to press over the Holy Spirit when He places that check in our spirits to “hold that thought,” or, “wait on that” before we are so quick to ‘prophesy’ or divulge our entire minds concerning a prophetic word.

A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards “. – Prov 29:11

Learn to harness your excitement and bridle your tongue friends, and wait on a clear go ahead from the Lord. Oftentimes God may reveal to you by his Holy Spirit the exact word someone needs in order to go to the next level, and or what they should do to change their circumstances. Prophetic people must train themselves to discern by the spirit to see if the person they are prophesying to can actually handle the truth. Friend, many may say they want it but inwardly they may not ready to make the adjustments needed to obtain their breakthrough. I admonish you; learn what to hold onto and what to release. Simply stated…. Prophetic people simply cannot share everything with everybody!  Prophetic people must learn to keep people in relationship and minister whatever level of Truth the Spirit allows to be shared. To administer the correct level of truth requires discipline on the part of those who would prophesy.

In some circles, prophets have gotten a bad rap over time to a certain degree because many were unable to retain and pray the word through first. Prophetic people must learn to release the heavenly vision or prophetic word in the proper divine timing. Even with that having been said, some things the Holy Ghost may never give prophets the liberty to speak.  God may have merely given prophetic insight so that His people would be in agreement with Heaven.  They are supposed to be mature enough to speak it forth into the earth realm privately within their own prayer chambers.

One of the strategies of the enemy is to trick prophetic people into attempting to prove how ‘spiritual’ or how ‘prophetic’ they are.  Avoid being one of those who is always running back and forth trying to give a “word” to everyone that they encounter. Avoid being one of those who always tries to give a “word’ to leadership.  Avoid being one of those that always has to have the last word after your leader has already spoken. Be careful to be led by the Holy Spirit and not your spirit!  Learn to wait on God’s timing. Confirmation will come if you are to share specific things with the body in general.  Remember to always stay under the authority of your spiritual leader.

Consider the story of Joseph in Genesis, Chapter 37. Joseph was young and did not discern the hearts of his own brothers.  They were those whom he thought loved him. They were those who he thought he knew well. After all, they were raised in the same household by the same father.  However, as we read the rest of his story, we discover that he opened up spiritual gateways that allowed tragic and dire actions to be perpetrated against him. Joseph being immature in his prophetic understanding, spoke all of his mind to the ears of his brothers.  They immediately began to speak and conspire against him.  The devil released a horrible plan of what he thought would be Joseph’s destruction and death through these men. In addition, think of the rejection, abandonment, hurt, and pain that Joseph suffered. All of this was the result of Joseph not correctly discerning the hearts and intents of those to those to whom he spoke his prophetic words. In this story, Joseph’s brothers were swine. Joseph in his immaturity, cast his pearls of prophetic revelation before them. And as the scripture said, they turned again and tore him.

Consider this, that although everything worked out for his good because he loved God and was called according to his purpose (Rom 8:28), God could have easily trained Joseph through another set of circumstances for his divine destiny.  Let us be those that remember the lesson of Joseph when it comes to discernment and speaking the appropriate amount of truth when we prophesy.

Cast not your pearls before swine.

May God’s Grace Abundantly Reign In Your Lives,

Apostle Ric & Prophetess Kathy Steele