Pancakes 2

In our society we are taught to look for short cuts to find the quickest way to our destinations. There are short cuts to cooking delicious meals, you name it. There’s boxed mashed potatoes, instant cereal, instant tea, the list is endless. Everything is designed to save you time, and provide you with a convenient lifestyle.

Once, when I was a child I visited distant relatives who were preparing pancakes for breakfast. After eating a fair amount I remember saying how good they were. I remembered, how I had never had anything like them before in my life! The grandmother simply looked at me and said, “it’s because these are not out of a box but I made them from scratch”. I remember thinking, really? Interestingly enough, having never had the “real” before, I realized just how poor tasting the boxed pancake mix was for the first time. They simply just didn’t hold a candle to those prepared by hand. It was as though the boxed mix was watered down so to speak.

I used to think the box pancakes were pretty good.  However, when I compared them to the homemade ones, there was just no comparison. What is most interesting is the fact that making homemade pancakes that would simply be scrumptious just took a few more minutes to make.

Not too long ago a friend asked me did I follow certain ministers on TV.  I was surprised at my answer.  But in that moment I knew I had grown from the person I had once been. I told them I enjoyed following certain ministers but I got more by reading the Word myself. I had developed an ear to hear the Holy Spirit speak to me in my daily devotionals and after my personal study and fellowship with the Lord I didn’t have a desire to “hear” the different voices that were speaking. The days for being spoon fed by others are long gone. When I study the Word of God for myself it’s like getting Home Cooked meals and not the watered down version or instant pudding.

In teaching and training ministers we often used this expression, ‘Be scripture heavy and not scripture light.” This simply means when in the position to minister to others you simply must know the Word of God. Know and understand more than just a few standard scriptures. The Word is our Authority. The Word is what we teach, minister, and live by. There is no way around it, you must take the time to study your bible. You must take the time to make your spiritual pancakes from scratch!

The Holy Spirit is our teacher. In John 14:26 Jesus speaks of “The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things”. The Comforter, who is our helper will help us to understand the Word. When He teaches you and drops things into your spirit, it’s as if you are getting a fresh home made pancake hot off the griddle. Others can teach, and impart, but it is second to that which the Spirit of God can do.

May I encourage you today to turn off the TV, pick up your bible, and work towards becoming “Scripture Heavy”. Try to avoid being scripture light.   When you have the Word of God for yourself you can easily recognize anything that is watered down and void of truth.  It becomes very easy to recognize boxed spiritual pancakes.

May God’s Grace Abundantly Rain In Your Life,

-Prophetess Kathy Steele